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Why using Ulozto.net

Sure you know the feeling when you come back from holiday, you have hundreds of photos and would like to send them to you friends. May be you need to send your schoolmates the notes from lectures, which are slightly large. Or you took some nice video, which is not possible send via e-mail, because it has more “mega”. For example if the photos are in better quality, there is a possibility that you will not be able to send them, because you aren't able to get over limit of your e-mail or they return from some recipients, because they are overpassed some limit of their provider. In addition some tell you off, because they'd like to download it and go throw it later, in other way and not via they slow connection at home etc.

And all of that you could prevent with uloz.to!

Uloz.to serves to transmision of any files, so you upload your file easily and than you send your friends only a link to it. In addition the uploading and downloading of files is for free. Of course there is a possibility to pay and use VIP account with a wild range of other advantages!

Uloz.to is situated on the address www.uloz.to or www.ulozto.cz. The Slovak version is available on www.ulozto.sk, English version is on www.ulozto.net.

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